World War 2 beginning. Germany and Russia invaded Poland. 1, 17 September 1939.

On 1 September 1939 Germany in agreement with Russia invaded Poland and began world war 2. Despite the Polish alliance with France and Great Britain it was a "phoney war". War was declared by each side (on 3 September), but no Western power had committed to launching a significant land offensive, notwithstanding the terms of the Anglo-Polish and Franco-Polish military alliances which obliged the United Kingdom and France to assist Poland.

On 17 September 1939 the Soviet Russia invaded Poland from the east. After signing Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Demarcation between Germany and Russia on 28 September, Poland and Central Europe were divided into occupation zones and spheres of interest – red line on map (according to Ribentrop-Molotov or Hitler Stalin Pact with some modification). Wikipedia.

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Title: Der deutsche Osten und Polen. Publisher: Verlag von Velhagen & Klasing. Place of publisching: Bielefeld; Leipzig. Date: 1939. Language: german Description: 68x67cm, scale 1:2000000, Central Meridian Greenwich. On map demarcation line between Germany and Russia from 28.09.1939.

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Artykuł po polsku.


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Auschwitz-Birkenau. German death camp. 1944. Complex.
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