Aerial map of New York (Manhattan, Bronx). 1921.

As described: this mosaic was made by assembling 100 aerial photographs taken while flying over the area at an altitude of 10000 feet (3048 meters). Map shows two boroughs of New York. In the south – most densely populated Manhattan (2,2mln in 1920, 1,6mln in 2012). The name Manhattan derives from the word Manna-hata translated as island of many hills. This is the economic and cultural center of the United States and is home to the United Nations Headquarters. Wall Street in Lower Manhattan is one of the financial capitals of the world. The borough hosts many skyscrapers and Central park. In the north, of the Harlem River is Bronx – named after dutch immigrant Jonas Bronck, who created the first settlement. Wikipedia.

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Title: Aerial survey, Manhattan Island, New York City. Publisher: Fairchild Aerial Camera Corporation. Place of publisching: New York Date: 1921.08.04. Language: english Description: airphoto mosaic; 1 remote-sensing image on 6 sheets; 56x253cm.

Artykuł po polsku.


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