Iran and Turan or Persien, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Turkestan. 1875.

Map published in 1875. Persien = Iran. Baluchistan mainly includes southwestern Pakistan, southeastern Iran and small section of southwestern Afghanistan. Baluchistan is named after the native Baloch tribes who make up the inhabitants in the region and use Balochi as their native language. Turkestan literally means "Land of the Turks" (Turan -"Land of the Tur"), but it is not the same as Turkey. Today the term is used to describe a region which is inhabited mainly by Turkic peoples in Central Asia. It includes present-day Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang. Many would also include Turkic regions of Russia (Tatarstan & parts of Siberia) as well. (Wikipedia) Look also at Aral Sea in top center of map, presently mostly shrinked.

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Title: Iran und Turan oder: Persien, Afghanistan, Balutschistan, Turkestan. Authors: August Perermann, Justus Perthes Publisher: Justus Perthes. Place of publisching: Gothas Date: 1875 Language: german Description: scale 1:7 500 000; 1 map: litogr., color.; 33×41 cm; Prime meridian: Greenwich, Ferro, Paris; Over the border: Stieler's hand-Atlas, No 62.

Artykuł po polsku.


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