New map of Crimea. 1855.

An old map of Crimea from 1855 while crimean war. Russia and the Ottoman Empire went to war in October 1853 over Russia's rights (excuse) to protect Orthodox Christians. Russia gained the upper hand after destroying the Ottoman fleet at the Black Sea port of Sinope; to stop Russia's conquest, France and Britain entered in March 1854. Most of the fighting took place for control of the Black Sea, with land battles on the Crimean peninsula in southern Russia. The Russians held their great fortress at Sevastopol for over a year. After it fell, peace became possible, and was arranged at Paris in March 1856. The religion issue had already been resolved. The main results were that the Black Sea was neutralised – Russia would not have any warships there – and the two vassals Wallachia and Moldavia became largely independent under nominal Ottoman rule. Wikipedia.

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Title: Nouvelle carte de la Crimée : Illustrée d'une vue de Sébastopol et d'une carte de La Mer Noire, pour servir à l'intelligence de la guerre. Publisher: Impr. Lith de Caron-Delamarre, Quai des Grands Augustins 17.  Place of publisching: Paris Date: 1855 Language: french Description: scale 1:715000, linear scale in km; 1 map: litogr., color.; 42x57cm, sheet 52x69cm; view on: Black Sea; Sevastopol.

Artykuł po polsku.


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